Friends can be good, friends can be bad.

Friends can make cry or laugh.

Friends have powers to change your day,

good or bad I cannot say.

When you feel loved or scared,

Friends will be standing there.

Friends can help you when your hurt,

Like when your eyes are filled with dirt.

Friends will be there when you play,

On every single game day.

Friends can change your life for good,

your decision they’ll let you choose.


Down a Runway

The lights turn off, the spotlight shines on the model posing for the camera, music starts, suddenly all eyes on one person. She glides down the runway while showing her bright green dress off to the audience only to find them in awe.

If you were thinking about a fashion show, you were absolutely right. Fashion shows are so spectacular, beautiful, and creative. This is one of the only times in my life where I can see a variety of colors swirled into a single dress.

I love how the dresses seem to have their very own personality. Some have this some have that, no two are alike. None of them are wrong, everyones idea is right  to them and also to all the others who cheer for every single person to get their idea, design it on paper, get the fabric, and put on a show.


An amazing poem

“A friend like you is like no other friend
A friend like you is a friend i dont regret meeting
A friend like you is like a friend i cant scream at or fight with
A friend like you is like having no worries in my life
A friend like you is a friend that i dont want to lose
A friend like you is like being in comfort all day
A friend like you is a friend i always wanted
A friend like you is awesomly awesome
A friend like you is random and funny
A friend like you is a friend that i love to death and i will never let go
A friend like you is a friend i can tell all my secrets to
A friend like you..
A friend like you is like the little sister ive always wanted
A friend that i can go to to tell them whats wrong
A friend like you is like having no dark days because you brighten them up
A friend like you is a friend that opens up my eyes and helps me avoid bad things
A friend like you is a type of friend that laughs at dumb things i say or do
A friend like you is a friend i am proud to call my best friend…”

I really like this poem mostly because it describes every good thing about my best friends. This poem summarizes the reasons I love my friends. When I read it my brain automatically switches from whatever is in my head to my amazingly awesome best friends.



Week Five: Memory with Media

When I was a little girl about the age of  5 my favorite toy was this little brown teddy bear. It made me get hypnotized in its softness. When I held it close to me I always felt that I was safe. Every time I saw it my eyes would open so wide even a wide awakened baby would have lost to me. My normal face would slowly become happier than anything I have ever seen in my entire life.

That bear was special to me because it was a gift from my parents on my 5th birthday. When I open the gift it was like the world stood still and my life was perfect, I thought that the best gift would never come, but I guess it found me first.

Remembering my childhood is not one of the things that I am really obsessed about, but when I am talking about my bear I have forgot nothing.




Week 3: 5 Favorite Apps

When you look at an app the first thing you normally would do would see if it is a good app, right? Well instead of having to study about the app I wrote about some of the apps that are very much my favorite.

Instagram— Like, like, follow, unfollow, block, um comment. All of this can happen in just one place… Instagram. There are so many people out there just wanting to become your online friend. You can find out about new activitys to do during your spare time and have a chance to tell the world about, you.

Twitter— Yes, I totally understand that you went to the movies to see Divergent twice with your friends. Do you like to know what you friends are doing at this very moment well I don’t think you know, but Twitter most likely does. Most of the things I do in my life go strait from my head to one of my favorite social networking systems.

Netflix— Everything I am amused by in one place, I didn’t believe it either. They said Netflix the place where past, present and future me all went. When my parents are looking for me and they hear the TV blasting the lines of random movies out, then at least they know that I’m sitting on the couch watching a movie.

YouTube— All the things the world needs to know in one site. YouTube can teach and educate people trying to master the talent that others are willing to share. youTube can also help you set goals that you never thought you would master.

Pintrest— the only place where you have a chance of becoming interested in the things others like. When you see the things that others like you have an interest in you might just like it too.

These are my favorite 5 apps of all time. If you like to get to know more about the rest of the world these apps are where you belong.



Studying the feeling

Pencil tapping on the cold hard desk that keeps me imprisoned until dark has become its darkest. Erasers deleting all the mistakes I’ve made in my little life’s story. My mind is racing at a rate of 95 miles per hour. If  you ever wanted to know what studying looks like and feels like—this is it.

Your heart, pounding, glaring at the calendar you read out loud with horror,       “Test Tomorrow.” Test one day then the next, will this madness ever stop?! Clearly not because it is still happening to us. My parent don’t think my life is busy well they are very much wrong. Teachers think there test is the only thing that is out there , think again.

Stack of papers 1, done, only 6 more classes with homework to go though, complete and turn in by tomorrow or suffer the wrath of zeros in the grade book. This is how students think about the pieces of paper that keep us up until 2 in the morning. Trust me after a while you get used to it, but after a bit longer your brain feels like it’s going to die.

If anyone ask me if I like school the answer is a simple yes, but if anyone has the nerve to ask me wether or not I like studying, wish them luck.


Week Two: Zilker Park

The warm sun shining on all the children playing soccer and catch with there family. the line of beautiful white clouds seem to never end; one fluffy cloud after another. The flowers bloomed slowly and calmly withoutout disruption.  

Zilker park, the place where the kite festival is at. All the colors flying though the sky almost like a rainbow in disguise. The trail of lights, all the colors are enough to light the night sky. The best thing about Zilker park is that all you need to do is relax. This is suppose to be a good time for all the people that go here.

For example every year my entire family would go to Zilker park just for a picnic, after that we would play all sort of games and activities. The grown ups would talk about there kids and there life, but to us that’s not exactly the type of thing we have in mind; we love to talk about the things were good and bad at so when we play truth or dare we know all there juicy secrets. These are one of the best times I ever had.

If there was anywhere I would take someone who didn’t live in Austin it would be Zilker park because that represents everything that we do in Austin.





Lairs and Candles

Deep in the cold; down by the river side.
I spy the music stand that let’s my dreams take flight.
Around the room candles, candles light the way.
Light the world so that i could see music,
the one he wrote for me and so that all could see,
the sheet that lays before my eyes for his music to reunite.
As I stand before this, these notes on paper,
stare around the cave: the lake, the river bank, even the giant throne. And still yet to see is the musical instrument that all is afraid to hear.
Once I turned to strike back in fear;

That the Phantom of the Opera is here
But to think this is different he’s no longer in my mind,
He’s Here
Running out pass the mirror that held me in,
trapped without anything.
Staring at the reflection of me;
suddenly a candle appears and the light is bright,
bright enough to see the Phantom.
To see the Phantom put it out.

Destroying friendships

“She was like your hair is so ugly today!” And “She was my best friend.” I mean you have this happen to you, but this is made to break a sibling’s friendship bond thing that gets really old.

First- be in the way with everything that is happening in there life. Don’t wait for them to bring everything up; you as the older sibling do it yourself. For example: she opens the door, BAM! “How was your day, did you turn in your homework was the teacher nice did you study for your vocabulary test, how was gym did y’all play capture the flag again- omg I love that game.”

Step two- be very annoying and if you want to throw in a bit of a catch be creepy, stocker-ish even, but here I’ll be a nice person and give you an example: when your sisters best frenemy is standing like 2 feet from you pop out of nowhere and ” hey girly how y’all doing, omg I have that shirt, and ahhh is that true that you and angel are not friends anymore, ohhh I know how’s your family, sister ok mom good dad normal?”

Step three- randomly pop out of nowhere. Little sister and enemy painting there nails together,” so girls! Oh I love that color! Where did you find that it’s mine! See y’all later.”

Step four- stand there wait for your sister to come home.” Vivian guess what today that annoying, clingy girl won’t hang out with me anymore. It’s a miracle!”

Mission complete.



What’s food? I’ll tell you. Food is my best friend and what is that you ask— why? I’ll tell you why.

Most other girls are obsessed with things like clothes and shoes— but who cares food is a one of a kind. I mean have them try to live with no food— how would you live? Hint: you won’t.

You could live days— weeks— even years with food— but sadly only a little with just cute outfits. And that folks is why food is my best friend.